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22nd-Jun-2014 09:46 pm - *knock knock*
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Erm... Hi?

Anyone still around here?

In any way, WOW, it's been a year almost since I last poked my way on livejournal.

First there had been the Internet cuts, then a lot of bad things, then depression, then busy-ness, and, finally, fear. Fear of all the things I'd have to catch up on, after all this time.

But, hey, I'm back!

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I've spent the past 5 months head buried in deep between fandoms and family/projects, but I've wanted to come back on lj for months. Tonight, after a fun but long day and a big headache, I finally dared logging in again.

It feels good. Like coming back home. ...Even though the designs changed quite a bit, uh. *pokes at profile page*


It'll take me a bit of time, but I'm slowly working on being fully active again.

I have a lot of communities to check, things to change a bit, etc... So don't be in a hurry, if you wish to see me more, it might take a few weeks (hopefully less)~

Well, to sum it all, I'm back, and glad to be! ♥
3rd-Jul-2013 10:24 pm - jsyk
+ Debby [star]
So you guys, you might not see me around for a few weeks now, since we've lost internet yesterday. We have plenty of bills to care about and, of course, I didn't get any money this month, so yeah. Will be complicated. And we might not get it back anytime soon, seeing the amount of money they want. *sigh*

Now, if anybody's asking where I am, I am... Having a real life. Or something. /facepalm

Also, may I ask people from the graphics world to pick-up things for me? And eventually spread the word that I don't have internet. Please? :3

Meanwhile, since I have my cellphone (which is a jerk though) you may still find me on twitter and on emails. If you really need me and stuff, y'know. ;)

Okay, that's all for now. If we find a miraculous solution, you'll see back quickly enough lol.

Hearts and kisses to y'all! ♥
31st-May-2013 04:05 pm - Comments problem: a solution!
+ Debby [star]
I know a lot of people around LJ are having troubles posting comments these days. It seems something went wrong in the new update of the site, and sadly we have to deal with the messes 'till they fix it.

But, for now, I have a very quick and useful tip for you.

If you get a message when posting comments saying that you need to type something first or if you get the annoying page with "Frank's nibbling the wires", it appears the problem is coming from special characters such as & bull ;(•), & hearts ;(♥), & diams ;(♦), etc... (without the spaces of course)

I've been personally unable to post comments for the past 3 days, but today after making sure my comments weren't containing any hearts and stuff, it works again like a charm.

Of course it doesn't resolve all the comments problems but a good amount of them seem to be coming from this.

Hope it'll help! ♥

17th-May-2013 03:07 pm - [reposted post] Workaround for the grey comment button! - reposted by yue_akuma
Ever since the new default comment scheme came out last December, there have been scores of people complaining that they've been unable to comment because the button would remain greyed-out and unclickable. Unfortunately, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who is affected by this bug so it's been especially hard to fix.

To address this I just hacked up soph's Preview button Greasemonkey script so that you can add an additional, always working comment button to default comment pages. When you install the script it'll look like this:

The new button labeled "Click to comment" is always active so you should be able to submit a comment at any time, even if the standard button (the one labeled "Add a comment") stays grey.

To install the script, visit Userscripts.org and click on "Install". So far this script has been tested on Windows with Firefox and on Mac OS X with Firefox. See the instructions on Userscripts.org to learn how to install this script for Firefox, and this article for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. If you use this script and it works, let me know what browser and OS you use in the comments.

Note: If you're having difficulty using this as a Greasemonkey script or would prefer to use it as a bookmarklet, [read on.]read on.
To make a bookmarklet simply make a new & empty bookmark in your browser. Name it Clickable Comments, and for the destination/location/URL paste in the following code:
javascript:(function(){if(document.getElementsByClassName("b-watering")){var submitbutton=document.getElementById("postform").getElementsByClassName("b-watering-submit").item(0);var commentbutton=document.createElement("div");commentbutton.innerHTML="<div class=\"b-ljbutton b-ljbutton-submit\"><button type=\"submit\" name=\"submitpost\" tabindex=\"80\">Click to comment</button></div>";commentbutton.style.cssFloat="left";commentbutton.style.marginRight="1em";submitbutton.parentNode.insertBefore(commentbutton,submitbutton);}})();

Then, whenever you get the grey comment button press this bookmarklet and the clickable button will appear next to the inactive one.

Special thanks to Sophie for writing the original script and big props to markf for giving me insight into how the button is supposed to work & figuring out how it was failing.

26th-Aug-2012 06:47 pm - And suddenly, a friends cut!
+ Debby [star]

So yeah, I grabbed my balls and cleaned my f-list. I've been wanting to do so since last year, but meh.

But before you all go sadface at me, note that I mostly un-friended inactive communities or journals.

I also realized that I was posting a lot of (very?) personal stuff, and I get paranoid sometimes. As I can't remember who half of my flist are, sorry but good bye for now. It may be my fault too, but if I never talk to you it means I have nothing to say. Therefore, we don't really connect.

That's sad, but I admit I'm a very weird person so it can be difficult to be my friend.

Anyway, I have friends not for the numbers but for the interactions. I kept only the people I felt comfortable around, or who are, I think, great friends of mine.

A last note though: some of you will say they were active and we were talking though. It's true, but if I still don't feel a connection I don't see the point in forcing myself.

Now, if you really think I made a mistake or something, you can comment here and we'll discuss it, I'm not a complete monster.

I like you all and you're all awesome people, but sometimes 2 souls aren't made to be connected! :)

Also: that works in the other way too. If you think that we don't connect, you can un-friend me, I understand. No hard feelings! ;)

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